Junction Capital is excited to announce Canada’s first online brokerage service for wholesaling cannabis products from Licensed Producer to Licensed Producer. The burgeoning legal recreation market demands a B2B market for the buying and selling of cannabis for Licenced Producers. Junction Capital is currently working with various Licensed Producers to handle supply and demand issues via short and long-term supply agreements across Canada in a direct manner. Junction Capital will satisfy the demand for a best in class fintech solution and has a beta ready to launch of its proprietary cannabis commodities trading system.

As investors, customers, municipalities, and curious onlookers alike—at home and around the world—watch with awe and amazement as Canada’s cannabis market forms before their very eyes, Junction Capital stands back from and above the crowd. Our unique distillation and dissemination of the market puts us at the forefront of the market’s infancy. And what we’ve quickly come to realize is that the market needs a brokerage service not to control, but to efficiently commodify a tempestuous new space.

The market challenges faced in the early days of legalized recreational cannabis have made headlines across the country, but more importantly across the world—where our development of the prohibition-free market is being watched closely. The New York Times, in its weekly investigation of the country’s largest issues in “The Canada Letter”, outlines the problem with supply-and-demand:

Before pot was legalized on Oct. 17, some observers feared that die-hard cannabis users would studiously avoid the government stores. Surely, smoking a joint rolled by the state was the ultimate buzz kill.

But the opposite seems to have happened.

In Quebec, where cannabis stores are run by a government agency, the province shut down its 12 shops for three days, unable to keep up with the crowds. The stores will remain shuttered every Monday through Wednesday until the shortages can be overcome.

In Ontario, where brick-and-mortar government stores won’t be up and running until April, the online Ontario Cannabis Store received more than 150,000 orders the first week after pot became legal.

The Junction Capital model will create a market clearing for cannabis products, flower, oil, extracts, trim, and more as the space adapts and conforms to customer demand and government regulation. The service will be anonymous for the Licensed Producers, with only products being sold to be shown. Settlements will be processed through Junction Capital’s banking partners.

The platform will initially be a straight buy-and-sell and long-term contract clearing house but will add futures trading and other traditional features of a commodities market in the future as the market demands. Currently, Junction Capital is in various stages of discussion with eleven Licensed Producers wanting to take advantage of the closed beta. Junction Capital is also considering strategic partners in the Financial Sector to handle the clearing of the funds when the system goes live.

Junction Capital will soon look to partner with prominent seed-to-sale software developers in the cannabis industry with existing infrastructure to track, manage, package, and sell cannabis products in an efficient and compliant manner.

Junction Capital is currently working with various Licensed Producers to handle supply and demand issues via short and long-term supply agreements across Canada and is always accepting new

If you would like to join the beta program, have supply or demand issues, or want to be considered for partnership, please contact us at: brokerage@junction.capital.

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