Junction Capital


The future is green.


Introducing: The World’s First Cannabis Commodities Brokerage

Junction Capital is a private equity, strategy, and design firm specializing in the intersection of cannabis and commerce.

The legalization of cannabis in Canada and a collection of states south of the border invites challenges within opportunity: Legislation, technology, adaptation, and a burgeoning marketplace. Entrants to a crowded, chaotic, and eager new marketplace must confront those impediments with ambition, organization, and ingenuity. The market is—finally—here. What remains to be seen is which competitors will survive as the herd thins. There is a small window for opportunity to become the dominant entity in any of a wide array of spaces in a seemingly infinite and untouched marketplace.


Our Strategy

Our reality will not be North American version of Amsterdam—coffee shops and cafés populated by tourists and locals rolling and smoking cannabis cigarettes. The technological, agricultural, and sociopolitical cannabis landscape, built on a foundation of generations of grey present a more advanced market than a traditional new panorama of investment.


Our Conscious Capital

The cannabis marketplace will adapt to aesthetic and the sociopolitical demands of its demographic. In the age of Twitter revolutions and #metoo realities, a company in this space must appeal to the style and social awareness of its customers.


Our Team

JUNCTION CAPITAL has brought together unique, progressive, and ambitious minds from the financial, real estate, design, cannabis, and creative communities to provide a one-of-a-kind vision for the future of your investment.



Our Brand Experience

Our team has worked with some of the biggest, most progressive, and dynamic brands in the world.